ExhaustWorx are Irelands leading supplier of stainless steel exhausts. At Exhaustworx, in partnership with Longlife UK, we have a combined 30 years of experience in exhaust design and manufacture, so whatever your requirements, you can be assured that we have the necessary expertise to provide a solution. Whether you have purchased a classic car, a performance car, or simply want to upgrade to a high quality fitting for your everyday car, a stainless steel exhaust is a stylish, performance enhancing addition to any vehicle.

We manufacture all of our exhausts from 304 grade stainless steel which, once fitted should give you a lifetime’s trouble free use.


All Longlife exhausts are guaranteed for life. This guarantee isn’t provided by any other bespoke exhaust manufacturer, and is an indicator of how proud we are of our services!


Our trained technicians are equipped with all the expertise to be able to perform a fully professional exhaust system replacement for all types of prestige vehicle.

LL Merc 63 AMG

Longlife’s stainless steel exhaust replacements, despite being made using the finest 304 grade stainless steel, sometimes cost less than mild steel standard replacements.